Why offer Doppler with your music downloads

What is Doppler

Doppler is a popular music player app for iPhone, iPad and Mac (available on Android in the future). Customers can import their purchases across different stores, including standard audio files (MP3, FLAC, WAV etc.) and listen to their music in a high-quality app.

Doppler supports system features like Siri and CarPlay, so customers can listen to their music wherever and however they want.

Doppler is localised into English, Spanish, French and German with more languages coming soon.

Deliver a customer experience that competes with streaming

Customers have lots of choice for how they consume music. We've seen that fans are happy to gravitate to stores and platforms that support artists financially, but still expect a high quality experience.

Making your customers manage files, download zip files and find apps that support specific formats is no longer acceptable. Making them do this on their phone is yet another barrier.

Adding the Listen Now in Doppler button to the end of your checkout gives customers a one-click option to start listening to their purchase without jumping through hoops.

Increase repeat purchases


Extend the customer relationship

The relationship with your customers shouldn't end once they've made a purchase.

Integrating your store with Doppler means the customer relationship extends into the listening experience and beyond. Music added to Doppler includes links that listeners can share with friends to also buy.

Compared with zip downloads and mp3s, Doppler keeps your customers connected to your store, and gives them the opportunity to share your store for others to purchase.

First-class support for your customers

The team behind Doppler are passionate about delivering first-class customer support.

We handle everything — from app issues, to managing feedback and releasing regular updates.

Available at a fraction of the cost

Building your own app is expensive — you'd need a full tech team, with strong mobile experience. On top of that, you'd need to train and handle customer support.

This all adds up quickly and isn't an option for most online stores.

Launch next week, not next year

Building your own app from scratch can take months of expensive work before you even launch. Once it's done, you still need to keep it updated and working across different devices and OS versions.

Doppler takes care of all the hard work of developing a best-in-class music app. We handle updates, customer feedback and support.

All you need to do is have your web developer add some code to your website. In under a week your customers can be listening to their purchases in the best music app on the App Store.

What your customers get